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    Trusting someone with your security is a big step.  Most cities and states have regulations and requirements for locksmiths.  A cheaper price is not always the best deal.  In fact you could be asking for disaster.  The old saying "you get what you pay for" is true.  Remember, with a security technician, you need honesty, integrity, Quality, and professionalism, and at KEN'S Lock & Key we guarantee that is what you get.

    These requirements should apply no matter where you live.  When you call a locksmith pick someone you are comfortable with.  A locksmith is the best person for your security needs.   No other profession can take care of your overall security needs.

     A locksmith should be bonded and liability insured. Ask for the policy numbers, you might be surprised how many will not have one.  The State of California requires that anyone doing any type of lock work must posses a locksmith License, which requires their fingerprints and background check be on file with Consumer Affairs Department of Justice.  This number is required to be printed on all advertisements and on all company vehicles.  Also for any job totaling $500 parts and labor, California requires a State Contractors License.  Remember these laws protect you the consumer.  For more detailed information regarding contractors and licensing, contact the state Contractors License Board.  Requirements for licensure as a locksmith are available through the California Department of Consumer Affairs Web Site.

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